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Hair Quiz | Are You Harming Your Hair?

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Not sure whether or not your hair care techniques are helping or harming your hair? Here’s a quick way to check if your methods need a bit of fine tuning. So, grab a pen and paper to find out… Good Blessings!

Are You Harming Your Hair Quiz

(If a question does not apply, continue to the next question)

1. When purchasing hair products… 
A. I never read the ingredients
B. I only read the ingredients when it’s a product that I’ve never heard of
C. I occasionally glance over the ingredients
D. I always read the ingredients

2. To style your hair straight, you or your stylist…
A. use a handheld blow dryer followed by a flat iron or curling iron
B. use a handheld blow dryer and pull the hair straighter with a comb or brush
C. use a hooded dryer with rollers or a wrap
D. gently smooth my hair and set it then air dry

3. When it comes to moisturizing my hair, I…
A. barely moisturize my hair
B. moisturize when I remember to
C. try to make it a part of my daily hair care regimen
D. never go a day without moisturizing.

4. When you have your hair pulled back, twisted, cornrowed or braided, how does your scalp feel?
A. I have a headache for days afterward and I am unable to move or wrinkle my forehead for a few days.
B. It feels uncomfortably tight for a few hours or days
C. It feels fine (no tightness or pulling)
D. I don’t wear my hair in any of the mentioned styles

5. Deep conditioning…
A. is not an important part of my hair care regimen
B. is not something I do very often
C. is something that I’m getting in the habit of doing
D. is something that I make a point to do on a consistent basis

6. When you add a weave to your hair, it…
A. falls past the shoulders and adds noticeable weight to the hair
B. is bonded (glued) to your scalp
C. is light and/or falls to shoulder length or shorter
D. I don’t wear weaves

7. At night I usually…
A. don’t do anything to my hair before going to bed
B. try to do something to my hair if I’m not too tired
C. make the effort to do some type of maintenance before going to bed
D. always care for my hair before going to bed

8. When I have a tangle or knot…
A. I leave it alone
B. I rip it out
C. I try to carefully remove the tangle or knot
D. I gently remove the tangle/knot

9. I keep my hands…
A. in my hair all the time
B. touching my hair throughout the day
C. out of my hair for the most part
D. out of my hair unless it is necessary

10. When you pull your hair back, the skin at your hairline…
A. feels tight and appears pulled
B. feels a little tight
C. feels comfortable
D. I gently smooth my hair into a loose style

Answer Analysis:

🙂 Mostly D’s – You’re not treating your hair very harshly and your hair care technique is high.
🙂 Mostly C’s – You’re probably styling your hair responsibly.

🙁 Mostly A’s and B’s – Your styling habits are harmful to your hair and scalp and may someday lead to damage and hair thinning, if not hair loss.

Now that you know whether or not you’re helping or harming your hair, you can pinpoint the techniques that will help your hair to thrive.

What were your quiz results?

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