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The Value In Life Evaluations

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sideview mirrorToday’s Scripture: “And we know that all things work together for the good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28 KJV)

Now that spring has sprung, let’s take a moment and evaluate our progress from the winter season. Reflection is always a good thing. It’s a chance to take a glance back and compare our now to our then. This is where you get to truly see how far you’ve come.

Yesterday, I took a look back to evaluate my life, the decisions I’ve made, and the progress thus far. My conclusion is that I’ve grown a great deal, my decisions reflect my vision, and my progress suffices my view. Everything is in place according to the plan and is aligning just right with my goals.

Yes, there is value in life evaluations. You see, it was my faith in God and my consistency that has caused all things to work for my good according to His purpose. Be sure to stay the course that you have set and take time out to reflect on your points of view. Also, make sure that your vision is in alignment with your purpose and your goals. Remain consistent, keep your faith in God and watch as His divine plan for your life unfolds.

Great Blessings of God’s Love To You!

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Min. Jeanie Shepard

Jeanie Shepard, Min. is a woman of God who has dedicated her life to being an example of the love of Christ. She joyfully shares the Word of God through Sciptural teachings and life application.

  • Ed Olivo

    Alignment is very key, thank you for the blessed reminder!

    • Evangelist Jeanie Shepard

      Good afternoon Ed. Thank you for your comment. I’m excited about Afrophire Magazine, and I have hopes of encouraging and adding new levels of joy to the readers. As you stated in your comment Ed, alignment is essential, and reflection is a reminder of the progress we’ve made. It is also a reminder of life lessons we’ve learned embarking on our journey. Refection is key. Thank you Ed. May God continue to bless you.

  • Awesome word Jeanie….love how you broke apart the scripture Romans 8:28. Many don’t know but God on,y requires faith and obedience…He knows we are gonna fall and as the scripture states….ALL things …not All good, not All bad…but All things for our profit for His purpose…Praise God…..never surprise by your writing my friend…God bless you. Let your anointing continue to shine.

    • Evangelist Jeanie Shepard

      Good afternoon, Librado, Thank you! You are awesome! The lesson that I am currently learning is that I should never doubt the work of the Holy Ghost, especially when I depend on Him daily! I love your daily writings on IG. You inspire me! I’m going over to your Blog, look for my comments, “like” and subscribe. Thank you Librado! God bless you.

  • Thank you for this reminder. We often don’t give ourselves enough credit, but your method of using the seasons to reflect is a really good idea.

    • Good afternoon! Thank you for your comment. I’m grateful that you can relate to this article. God often sends us reminders unexpectantly, right in the midst of our busyness, to help us to stay on the path. I’m so glad that He watches us just as He keeps His eye on the sparrow. He is faithful to watch over us and to watch over His word to perform it. He keeps everything in alignment according to His will and purpose. God bless you. Enjoy your day!