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How To Handle Feeling Small and Insignificant

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ButterflyToday’s Scripture: “For who hath despised the day of small things? For they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.” Zech. 4:10 (KJV)

Small things are God’s way of producing great works. There is a beginning that is small but afterwards greatness emerges. Anyone who has despised the day of small things fails to understand God and what He is working to do. God desires to use those who are seemingly insignificant, those humbled in spirit, having the modest of beginnings.

There were many examples given in the Old Testament of people with humbled means, who ended in top ruling positions. Joseph started as a shepherd of the sheep and became the Governor over the entire land. Esther was an orphan raised by her cousin, Mordecai. She was unwillfully taken to the King’s palace, but she ended as the Queen of the Persian Empire. David was a shepherd boy who became King of the nation of Israel. Jesus was a carpenter’s son who gave his life as a sacrifice and was made Lord over all.

The lesson for us to learn is that you may feel insignificant at times, but God uses insignificant things. If you have to stand alone in truth and honesty, then your faith, your deeds, your prayers, and persistence will release the power of God in your life. Our reward comes from obeying God. If you are faithful over little things God will make you ruler over much. God will order your steps and guide you along the way to your greatness.

Mustard seed faith gets God’s attention. Don’t be afraid to step out in faith, especially when God is a part of the equation. God can give showers of plenty from a tiny cloud the size of a man’s hand. God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above more than you can dare to ask or think. From small beginnings great matters arise. God has the power to bring forth great and mighty things from the smallest group of people. Never lose sight of your purpose because it’s what you were created to do. Rejoice in the work that you do. And remember with all that you do, do it unto God.

(Additional Scripture References: Genesis Chpts. 37 – 50; 1 Samuel Chpts. 16 – 2 Samuel; The Book of Esther)

Bountiful Blessings From Me To You!

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  • Elmae

    Amen! Sister! This teaching was very good and encouraging!

    • Good morning Elsa! Thank you for your comment. I am delighted that you enjoyed reading it and that you were encouraged. I appreciate that very much. Blessings to you, my love!