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PhireMAN’s Guide: 12 Tips to the Art of Shaving

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Any man that shaves definitely has a few battle stories that he can share about how his razor got the best of him. It’s no secret that shaving is risky business. You can encounter nicks and cuts, unsightly razor bumps, skin irritation, and painful razor burn. The exfoliation that takes place during shaving is what makes it one of the harshest acts imposed upon the skin. We’re giving you 12 Tips to the Art of Shaving for the ultimate smooth shave.

The Tools

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The Prep

1. Develop a 3 step skin care regimen: cleanse, exfoliate, and rinse with warm water. This will remove dirt and oil and allow you to start with a fresh, clean surface.

2. Taking a nice hot shower before shaving is another great way to hydrate your skin. Proper hydration softens the hairs and eases the glide of the razor.

3. If you’re pressed for time, just hydrate your skin with warm water for 3 – 5 minutes.

4. Applying a pre-shave oil helps to protect the skin by softening the hairs and also eases the glide of the razor.


The Shave 

5. Use a shave cream, foam, or gel to help the razor glide over the skin’s surface.

6. Start with a fresh multi blade razor to remove most of the facial hair. Follow-up with a single blade razor for precision areas such as sideburns and around your mouth.

7.  Placing your hand on your neck and holding the skin taut will help minimize cuts and nicks while shaving around the jaw and chin areas.

8. Always start your shave in the direction of growth. Go back and shave any stubborn areas against the growth of the hair for a closer shave.

9. Rinse your blades often between strokes for a cleaner shave. Use warm water only to remove hair from the blade. This also warms the blades so they can slice through the hair easier. Do NOT tap the blades against the sink as this will dull the razor blades faster.

The Finish man spraying after shave

10. Rinse your face with cold water to cool and soothe the skin. The cold water seals your pores and gives the skin a soft, smooth feel.

11. Apply aftershave for added protection from irritation and a nice scent.

12. Rinse razor blades and dry thoroughly with a towel to prevent the blades from oxidizing. A quick dip of your razor in alcohol will help to sterilize the blades until your next shave.


Practicing these 12 tips will take you from an average shave to a masterpiece. The art of shaving is all about taking care of your skin so that you can put your best face forward. Remember that your tools, prep, shave, and finish are what truly makes the difference in achieving the ultimate smooth shave. Now, you can finally tell the story of how the razor might have won a few battles, but you won the war.

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What’s your secret to a smooth shave? Do tell by dropping a comment below!

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