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PhireMAN’s Guide: 10 Simple Ways To Make A Woman Smile

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A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears. – Anne Roiphe

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Making a woman smile is truly not a difficult task for a man to accomplish. To prove it to you, here’s a list of 10 Simple Ways To Make A Woman Smile. The list is comprised of 10 key actions that you can perform that are all pretty much guaranteed to get you a smile and maybe even a wink if performed correctly. So, grab a pen and paper because class is in session.


A genuine compliment from someone is enough to make anyone smile. Giving a woman a compliment says, “I notice you” and causes the corners of her mouth to automatically turn up.


Women are naturally nurturers and caregivers. It’s simply what we do. When a man shows a woman that he cares it’s really special. A caring act would be to inquire about her day or to just simply see if she needs anything.



In a world where texting is the preferred method of communication, a phone call can mean so much. Calling a woman to deliver a sweet message is sure to give you the reaction you seek. It’s a known fact that you can detect a smile over the phone.


Showing unexpected affection is a sure way to shock a woman into the biggest grin one could ever see. Surprise hugs, snuggling, and kisses are such sweet gestures.



Now, we’re talking down-right, attention-grabbing, mind stimulating conversation here. This is also the time to let your sense of humor shine through. A man that can keep a woman captivated through conversation and laughter is quite impressive.



Cooking is not just the way to a man’s heart. Women can surely appreciate a good meal, too. Walking in on a man in the kitchen and smelling robust aroma in the air will warrant a smile any day.


Where there’s a man that cleans without being asked, there’s a woman right next to him smiling. Maybe that’s a bit extreme, but women love it when men pitch in to help around the house without them having to say a word.

Man Bringing Woman Breakfast In Bed On Celebration Day


Paying attention to a woman and taking note of what she likes is all it takes to cater to her. Don’t overthink it.


Every man has at least a touch of the smooth gene within him. Work the magic that you possess to give her the smile that she deserves.

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That’s right count! Men really pay attention to this one. Count women as blessings. So long as men don’t take women for granted they’ll never stop doing the things that put a smile upon their faces.

That wraps up the list of 10 Simple Ways To Make A Woman Smile. The key is to perform these actions for the mere satisfaction of seeing her face light up. Your efforts will definitely not go unnoticed because a woman will always appreciate a man that makes her smile.

MEN: Which of these 10 suggestions do you currently practice?

WOMEN: Which of these 10 are sure to make you smile?


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  • Hi Cherese! I love this! It tickles my fancy and makes me smile. I love all ten and I love you too! 🙂

    • I’m glad that you enjoyed the article and that it put a smile on your face. Mission accomplished! 🙂

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  • This is a great list! I can’t choose just one because they are all important, especially when you’re married. I also agree that men and women should both set goals and expectations on treating their significant other how they should be treated. It sure isn’t just the man’s job, because they do have feelings and love to feel loved! 🙂 Great post sis! 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right LeSha! Love is all about give and take.