Survivor ON PHIRE: Michelle Jones Shares Why She’s A Breast Cancer Warrior

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AM: Hello Michelle! It’s such a blessing and an honor to be able to talk with you today. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. (Name, where you’re from, life’s passion, etc.)

MJ: My name is Michelle aka Roxy through my social media platforms. I’m an island girl, born in Jamaica. I’ve lived in the northeast for most of my life but currently reside in the south. I’m a single mother of a five-year-old boy, who means the world to me. I love all things fashion, enjoy blogging, and would love to travel the world. I consider myself a breast cancer ‘warrior’ because I am currently fighting a very aggressive type of breast cancer.  

AM: When were you diagnosed with breast cancer?

MJ: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in May of this year during a mammogram. I had discovered a lump that was initially thought to be a cyst. I was reassured at a previous appointment that it was probably nothing to worry about but my God given intuition told me otherwise. I pushed for a mammogram and received the horrible news a few days after the needle biopsy.

AM: What was life like for you pre-diagnosis?

MJ: Prior to being diagnosed with breast cancer, life was like a whirlwind. I was a single mom always on the go. I worked full time, blogged, cared for my son and never took any time for myself. I had relocated from the northeast to the south earlier this year because I really wanted my life to move at a slower pace. I was ready for change but cancer wasn’t exactly the type of change I had envisioned.

AM: What were some of the initial thoughts and emotions that you felt when you were diagnosed?

MJ: There were so many emotions running through me at the time. I cried initially, I was afraid to be left alone with my thoughts because I became very depressed, and I was angry at the doctors and nurses that seemed to down play my initial concerns.

AM: How did your family and friends react to this life changing news?

MJ: Everyone close to me was in complete shock when they found out I had breast cancer. It’s the type of news that no one wants to hear about someone they love. They all wanted to be there for me in any way possible.

AM: Were there any impacts on the spiritual, physical, and mental aspects of your life?

MJ: I think that spiritually I became stronger because I trust and know that God has the final word. I take comfort in knowing that whatever happens on this journey, he already knows the outcome and I’m in good hands. Having a life altering disease like cancer is very physically and mentally draining. The chemo infusions take a toll on the body and there are many side effects from the drugs that are used to kill the cancer.

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  • jeanieshepardministries

    Thank you for this beautiful testimony. I appreciate every word that she shared with us. I am so grateful that Roxy has God in her life and a loving and supportive family to aid her in this battle. I will pray for you Roxy and I will cheer you on in victory because the battle is already won! Blessings to you beautiful warrior princess!

    • Amen! The battle is already won. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  • What an amazing testimony. “I have Cancer but Cancer doesn’t control me”. Cheering her on as she fights and WINS. Thanks for sharing her story Cherese.

    • Yes! Victory is hers for the taking. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such uplifting words, Vee!

  • Wait, WHAT?!?!? Wow! I had no idea. I visit her site often too. Wow. I’m in total shock, but very happy that she is growing from this. So happy!