Survivor ON PHIRE: Michelle Jones Shares Why She’s A Breast Cancer Warrior

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AM: What lifestyle changes were you forced to make or refuse to make during your fight?

MJ: I was forced to slow down and appreciate all the beauty around me. We take so much for granted, I’m happy just to wake up every day and not be in pain. I refuse to stop living life, it’s really easy to fall into depression.

AM: Who was/were your biggest supporter(s)?

MJ: My biggest supporters are my mother and my oldest sister. They both live a distance away from me but have literally dropped everything whenever I’m in need of anything. My close friends and other family members also play a major role in helping me to fight this disease.

AM: How has your fight against breast cancer impacted the person you are today?

MJ: I feel like I have a better understanding of my purpose in life. I haven’t changed as a person but my perspective on life has changed. I still love to do all of the things that I enjoyed before I discovered I had breast cancer. I also feel an obligation to share my story and educate other women about the disease in hopes that they will not encounter it and if they do they can have a better understanding.

AM: What advice or encouraging words can you extend to others who are in the fight against breast cancer?

MJ: My advice is to trust God, love and embrace yourself, and fight with everything in you.

AM: Are there any links to support pages that you would like to share?

MJ: My blog Accessories We Love

Fundraiser www.giveforward.com (search for #fightforroxyjewelz)

Instagram @Roxyjewelz

Facebook Accessories We Love Boutique

AM: Michelle, we can’t thank you enough for taking the time to share your testimony with us. Please finish the statement “I’m a survivor because…”

MJ: I have cancer, cancer doesn’t control me!

Join the #FightForRoxyJewelz!


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  • jeanieshepardministries

    Thank you for this beautiful testimony. I appreciate every word that she shared with us. I am so grateful that Roxy has God in her life and a loving and supportive family to aid her in this battle. I will pray for you Roxy and I will cheer you on in victory because the battle is already won! Blessings to you beautiful warrior princess!

    • Amen! The battle is already won. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  • What an amazing testimony. “I have Cancer but Cancer doesn’t control me”. Cheering her on as she fights and WINS. Thanks for sharing her story Cherese.

    • Yes! Victory is hers for the taking. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such uplifting words, Vee!

  • Wait, WHAT?!?!? Wow! I had no idea. I visit her site often too. Wow. I’m in total shock, but very happy that she is growing from this. So happy!