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Don’t Let A Selfie Determine Your Self-Worth

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The Era Of The Selfie

We live in the era of “The Selfie” where everything must begin and end with the personal satisfaction of our successes and capabilities. And if personal satisfaction is not met, then there was no point to participate, contribute, or attend.


Whether we realize it or not, this can be quite unhealthy for the psyche.


In recent years, an overwhelming amalgamation of demoralization and egotism has appeared publicly via social media. At an early age we are taught to stay in line with the morals and values of those around us, whether strict and caring or lenient and carefree. Despite our moral guidelines, our self-absorption easily becomes like a shadow that follows us for the rest of our lives, constantly setting and resetting the tone of the generic standard of beauty and acceptance. And for what reason? Upload a photograph of yourself across your social media channels and instantly tune in for a quick spritz of false affirmation upon a blouse that is cleaner and neater than your intuition.

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The language of social media is the absolute definition of “worldly”.


They call your acquaintances connections, followers, and friends–in which most of these titles don’t apply in the REAL world. To make matters worse, the media perpetuates the cycle of constant self-validation. There are TV shows showcasing regular human beings in a position to have multiple people literally fighting for a chance to date them as validation that they are of worth. This serves as evidence of the serious attack on self-worth that is being put on display for all to see.

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Here is what I’m here to tell you today.


Validation should never be placed so fragilely into someone else’s hands unless they are those of our Heavenly Father. Nobody else’s score of worth matters. Sure, it is great to hear compliments about our makeup techniques or our new hair color, but whatever we do we must remember to not get tangled in a web of worldly affirmations. They are just distractions from our goals to live a life worth the validation of our very own Personal Savior.

I leave you until next time with this scripture from John 5:44 (NIV) for your encouragement and as a much-needed reminder:

How can you believe, since you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?



Devri Velazquez

Devri Velazquez is a writer and content editor who developed a passion for natural hair, health, and beauty following her diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease in 2011. Since then, Devri has remained committed to spreading the importance of maintaining a spiritually and physically balanced life with a smile.