5 Super Quick & Easy All-Natural Beauty Remedies

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If going the all-natural, inexpensive route of living is what you aim for, then consider these 5 all-natural beauty tips next time you are in need of a quick and easy solution to a beauty or skin issue with no time or money to waste.


Under Eye Circles


Problem: Under Eye Circles

Always keep a pair of spoons in your freezer or a gel ice pack. The next morning after washing your face and before applying makeup, hold the backs of the spoons under each eye for about 1 minute on and off till the spoon loses its coolness. This will temporarily constrict your blood vessels, reducing the bruise-like appearance, making the skin underneath your eyes brighter and more “awake”.

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Pimple Redness


Problem: Pimple Redness

Do you eat oranges? Next time, save the peels, seal them in a plastic baggy and keep them tucked away in the refrigerator until your next acne breakout. The citric acid from the orange peel helps reduce inflammation and redness caused by those unexpected overnight zits. The Vitamin C will also promote natural brightness and firmness in your skin.


Coffee-Stained Teeth


Problem: Coffee-Stained Teeth

We all love a good cup of joe to get the day started. Over time however, our teeth loses its whiteness, causing a duller look to the enamel. If you have a couple of strawberries to spare, cut one in half and rub it against your teeth then rinse. The malic acid in a strawberry acts as a natural whitening agent and is a safe, natural alternative to bleaching.

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Brittle Nails


Problem: Brittle Nails

If you have been noticing a lack of growth and strength in your fingernails, grab a small bottle of sweet almond oil during your next grocery run. Using a Q-tip, apply a generous amount to your nail beds and all over your nails to allow the oil’s Vitamin E antioxidant lessen chances of cracking, peeling, and breaking, when used regularly for a few weeks.


Oily Skin


Problem: Oily Skin

For those with extremely oily skin like myself, no amount of matte primer or foundation will sustain during an entire work day. Most public and office bathrooms offer toilet seat covers which are made from the exact materials as facial oil blotting sheets. Grab one, place it to your face and peel it off gently. Watch how quickly the shine and excess oil goes away. Apply your powder to the spots on your face that need it, and voila!



Devri Velazquez

Devri Velazquez is a writer and content editor who developed a passion for natural hair, health, and beauty following her diagnosis of a rare autoimmune disease in 2011. Since then, Devri has remained committed to spreading the importance of maintaining a spiritually and physically balanced life with a smile.