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So You Want To Be Vegan? Clarity on Plant-Based Diet + Grocery Guide Printable

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“Being vegan is a lifestyle; it’s about abstaining from anything where an animal has been harmed and instead embracing a less synthetic lifestyle.”

So you want to be vegan (well at least attempt to be). Okay, let’s use another term of “plant-based diet”–how does that sound? Let me guess, you think that it will cost too much, everything you eat will taste of fresh air, you can only ever eat twigs, grass and seeds and, last of all, you think that pizza, ice cream and cake are just distant food dreams that will be long extinct. What if I told you that you could still eat all of those things and more?

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Photo Credit: Leah Binham

First of all, let’s get a bit clearer about what being a vegan actually is. Yes, the main part of it is munching on plants that mother earth has so kindly provided, but there are a few more parts to being vegan. It is more than what passes your lips. Being vegan is a lifestyle; it’s about abstaining from anything where an animal has been harmed and instead embracing a less synthetic lifestyle. Elements like wearing any animal materials such as leather, suede, and fur are out of the equation.

Also, the products that you use on a daily basis such as shower gel, lotion, lipstick or even household cleaning items are a few of the vast amount of products which get tested on animals every day. Yes, there are a few elements to consider when becoming vegan, but the choice of how far you want to go is totally up to you, as you have to do what works for you.

I myself go the whole way. Here’s five facts about my vegan lifestyle:

  1. I am a proud, say it loud vegan of two years, but have been living a healthy lifestyle for over 3 years. 
  2. I absolutely love bananas.
  3. I could most definitely live in the kitchen.
  4. I have mastered the perfect brownie.
  5. When I make cookies I want to inhale the whole batch.

Photo Credit: Leah Binham

I became a vegan because I seriously believe my body naturally wanted it. I had been a pescatarian in the previous years due to food poisoning, but after two years I went right back to eating meat. January 2013 is when I said, “NO MORE!”. I cut things out like red meat and dairy to start with, then I took out chicken, eggs and eventually fish. This was all done in under a year. I never forced or did anything that I wasn’t happy with. I embraced the changes and I love my way of living 100%.

Now you have an insight into what being a vegan really is, and you know a bit of a back story from a living and breathing vegan who is surviving pretty well. I bet you’re wondering where you can find help, inspiration, and information to support the new journey. My biggest source of help were colourful, striking pictures of food that I wanted to jump right into trying. I found images by way of Instagram. (Not everyone uses this platform, but google is another great resource for finding great images.)

Photo Credit: Leah Binham

The images would then lead me to a blog or website where I could see recipes. These were a massive help in giving me ideas. I would highly suggest being very visual with your food because eating the vegan way can be very colourful and exciting. As a result, I am several years into my journey and I am able to create tasty dishes from any ingredients I may have at any point.

So to help you get started on your way to a successful plant-based diet, be sure to download your copy of the grocery guide. The guide includes my food staples and must haves. These will surely set you on the right path to creating delicious and very nutritious meals. So get chopping, steaming, flipping and baking. Remember this one rule–whatever yummy food you create, don’t forget to INHALE it.

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Now, It’s Your Turn:

What are your thoughts on the plant-based diet? Is it something you’d consider making a lifestyle? Let’s hear it!



Leah Binham

Leah Binham is the passionate [curly-haired] vegan blogger behind Planet Stylisoulstar. Her vegan journey began in December 2013 and she’s never looked at food the same since. Leah’s message is that you can still have the yummy foods you love but just in a much healthier way.