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God Time: Making Time With God A Part of Every Day

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God Time

Question… If God gave you as much time to live this week as you gave him last week, how long would you have to live? Sadly, many will have the answer of “Not very long” because time with God doesn’t fit into their jam-packed schedules.

Hey, we get it… life is moving rapidly and you’re running recklessly trying to keep up. But no matter how much your day-to-day demands, “God Time” should always take precedence.

In most of our schedules you’ll find “work time”, “break time”, “lunch time”, “quitting time”, “over time”, “play time”, “dinner time”, “family time”, and even “ME time”– here’s all of this time, but “no time” for God.

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Meanwhile, God continually grants us the gift of seeing another day and graciously carries us through all 24-hours. Many people have adopted the attitude of a day is something to get through or conquer, when in reality it’s something that we should cherish and rejoice in.

God Time is something we all need [and should want] more of in our lives. The way to achieve more time with God everyday is this:

1. Pray about it. (James 1:5)

Pray and ask God to give you the desire to read your Bible. He will provide the hunger for His word if you sincerely want it. 

2. Rise and shine! (Proverbs 8:17)

Get an early jump on the day so that God is the first point of contact. This will give you clarity on how God wants to order your day. 

3. Choose a Meeting Place. (Psalm 91:1)

Pick a place and time where you can focus best on God and you can guarantee He’ll be there. Don’t forget your Bible and journal to take notes!

4. Book it! (James 4:8)

Put God on your calendar as a repeating appointment along with an alarm on your phone labeled “God Time”.

5. Keep in touch. (Colossians 4:2)

A strong prayer life makes all the difference in our daily lives. There’s nothing like talking to God and feeling the peace of knowing that He’s got everything under control.

There isn’t anything that we have to do that is more important than spending time with God–plain and simple. Unfortunately, we let things continue to take His place, unless we need Him. God is not a magic genie and the Bible is not a lamp to rub for wishes. If we have the time to sit and binge watch Netflix and Hulu, we can find the time to spend with God. We have to remember that God is our Master and we are His servants. And best of all, we are His children. So let’s take time out of our busy, hectic, and demanding schedules and spend it with the Father who deserves it most.

Now, It’s Your Turn:

How do you make sure you’re spending quality God Time each day?


Cherese Agee

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