Entrepreneur and Award Winning Blogger Vashti Patrick-Joseph is a Woman In Business You Should Know

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Vashti Patrick-Joseph is an entrepreneur and the creator of the Award Winning blog VeePeeJay.com. Over the last 5 years, she has successfully grown her blog into a multi-faceted brand and platform. When she’s not creating content, or using her experience to teach female entrepreneurs & small business owners how to navigate the online space and leverage digital marketing to build their brands, she dedicates her time to managing her faith-based/inspirational lifestyle apparel brand, Ven & Rose.

She has been featured on HuffPost Live & Essence.com, and has been a speaker on Blogalicious Influencer Chat and Dallas Startup Week 2016 and Blogging While Brown 2016. Vashti is on a mission to inspire others to embrace who they are, to live on purpose and take action to live the lives they truly want.

As long time admirers of Vashti, we wanted to spotlight her as one of our 5 women in business who are #OnPHIRE and dig deeper into her faith-based/inspirational lifestyle apparel brand, Ven & Rose. Here’s what she had to say…

AM: Who or what is the inspiration behind Ven & Rose?

V: Ven & Rose is a faith-based lifestyle brand which offers apparel and accessories to uplift, encourage and inspire people along life’s journey. The brand was named after my Grandmother (Ven) and my Mother-in-Law (Rose), who were both faith-filled woman who had a positive impact on everyone they had met. During their lifetime, their lives embodied exactly what Ven & Rose stands for.

AM: When was your vision for Ven & Rose birthed?

V: The original vision for what is now Ven & Rose was birthed in early 2015. The brand launched in August 2015 under a different name and was renamed Ven & Rose in November 2015.

AM: Describe to us the ideal Ven & Rose woman?

V: The ideal Ven & Rose woman is committed to walking in her God given purpose. She knows that she was created for a specific purpose and she refuses to let fear, her past or anything else keep her from doing what God has called her to do. She is also fun & passionate about serving and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

AM: What do you want women to know about today’s beauty and fashion standards?

V: Don’t allow your self-esteem or your worth to be defined by today’s beauty and fashion standards. You are enough just the way God created you and you don’t need to dress or look like anyone else in order to be valuable.

AM: What’s the empowering message you want to leave with readers?

V: I’ll share one of my favorite quotes…

“You won’t be distracted by comparison if we’re captivated with purpose” – Bob Goff.

We live in world where it’s easy to compare yourself with what everyone else is doing and how great their life is (or seems to be). It’s important to not get caught up or distracted by that. Instead, walk in the shoes that has already been laid out for you.


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