Why Victoria Roby Has Our Love & Respect as a Woman In Business

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Ever met a business owner who was just as passionate about their customers and community as they were about their business? Well, that’s entrepreneur Victoria Roby.

Victoria is the proud owner of The Natural Market in Detroit, MI. The Natural Market is a boutique specializing in handmade natural bath & body products along with an assortment of lifestyle accessories.

What’s wonderful about the quality of The Natural Market’s products is that every single product is personally hand made/mixed. Victoria stands behind her promise to never compromise ingredients or values and to be a non-traditional business who loves and calls its customers friends.

Her love for people will always uphold the brand’s genuine quality and integrity.

Our love and respect for Victoria Roby was the reason we chose her as one of our 5 women in business who are #OnPHIRE. Here’s what Victoria had to say in our interview with her about The Natural Market…

AM: Who or what is the inspiration behind The Natural Market?

V: My first question was how can I live my purpose while earning money? I wanted to give back, but I also needed to pay my bills!

During that long process of searching, I adopted the concept of selling brotherhood like soap! As our society becomes more health conscious and environmentally aware, many consumers began purchasing organic foods to avoid exposure to harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Like food, skin absorbs up to 64% of what is placed on it, The Natural Market chooses to educate consumers about the need to use healthy alternatives on their body as well as their skin. Its patrons can be confident their products will be made fresh while receiving great customer service with products that give them an absolute value while remaining economical.

The Natural market not only educates consumers on the use of natural products in their body as well as their skin for an affordable price, we address the needs of consumers who concerned with living a healthier, ethically responsible lifestyle and a desire for products that are unique, interesting, custom and handmade while looking for an all-around fun, exciting, genuine, and educational experience when shopping in store or online.

AM: Where did your vision for The Natural Market come from?

V: My vision came out of necessity–we need more empowerment, community support and economics.

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AM: Describe to us the ideal Natural Market woman?

V: The Natural Market woman is like Claire Huxtable–She’s a boss (in a good way). She is a pillar of strength. She takes care of business. She’s one half of a partnership based on love and respect. She knows her strength and she uses it for good. She knows how to let loose and have fun and she treats herself!

AM: What do you want women to know about today’s beauty standards?

V: You should unlabel yourself from any standard and strive to be the best version of yourself daily.

AM: What’s the empowering message you want to leave with readers?

V: Angels can fly because they carry themselves lightly!


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